GNR Difference

Is there really such thing as a talent-sourcing method which is substantially different from the model most GNR competitors use?


One of the key qualities is the resources GNR invests in to perfect our recruiting process. GNR was founded on the idea that there was a better, more effective way to recruit executives and other leadership positions—delivering better qualified, pre-screened and motivated candidates—sooner.  

By distilling the process to its most crucial elements, we have put experienced professionals in charge of account management and in-house project management freeing GNR recruiters to make more calls to people who meet your specific search requirements. Below are a few examples of the number of candidates who were spoken to by a GNR recruiter compared with the total number; who are targeted for the opening:

  • 120 out of 300 Microprocessor Design Engineers
  • 150 out of 250 National Account Managers
  • 220 out of 400 Purchasing Managers

GNR also invests in ways to leverage social media to expand an already extensive database of talent, along with being in consistent contact with 60,000 professionals each month.

The GNR method also provides an invaluable feedback loop that tells you what market and salary trends are impacting your search.

The GNR process, serves companies like AAI, Amazon, BAE, Becton Dickinson, and Dell, as well as a wide range of small to medium size companies. We also have extensive experience staffing start-up companies.

Although our roots are in technical recruiting, we have applied the GNR process to other disciplines such as, accounting; legal; HR; sales; marketing; supply chain; and other fields.

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