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GNR has many placements within the Semiconductor Industry—for clients like SMI, Texas Instruments and Intel. Computer chips are the essential building blocks of mobile phones, computers, flat-screen monitors—including medical procedures such as CT scans, ultrasound and X-rays, and they play a fundamental role in today’s sophisticated cars and aircraft.

And whether you’re building processing that will power the multi-functionality of smart phones, or developing the circuitry for the next breakthrough handset, the need for applied creativity is understood.  It’s the your industry’s oxygen.

GNR was founded by two engineers, who were also experienced—and very successful recruiters. They knew there was a better way and set out to restructure the process—dividing it into three functions that freed recruiters to do what they did best. After 15 years of refinement, the GNR method works for all disciplines within your organization.

GNR's clients are involved in developing the following technologies:

  • Analog Chips
  • Audio Chips & Boards
  • Communications Chips
  • Design, Foundry & Packaging Services
  • Discrete & Passive Components
  • Graphics & Video Chips & Boards
  • Logic Devices
  • Memory Chips & Modules
  • Microprocessors, Microcontrollers & DSPs
  • Networking Chips
  • Sensor Chips

Our clients include:

  • Advanced Micro Devices
  • Altera
  • Fujitsu Semiconductor America
  • Intel
  • Gig Optix
  • Maxim Integrated Products
  • Sand 9
  • Scintera Networks
  • SMI
  • Texas Instruments

Why GNR:

  • Our Semiconductors account managers are specialists
    who focus exclusively on our clients in these industries.
  • Our recruiters all have career and educational experience working with technology based companies—so they understand your business and its hiring requirements.
  • GNR has reengineered talent acquisition, freeing recruiters from administrative tasks and enabling them to make more contacts, and deliver higher-quality candidates—faster.
  • GNR has invested to gain access to a wider cache of working professionals,
    too busy succeeding to be actively looking.  We develop our lists from a larger database immediately broadening the number, and suitability of potential candidates.
  • GNR does not allow geographical barriers to impact their ability to provide top-notch service, It is true that the wider the geographical area, the greater is the chance that we can find the best candidates for our clients; no matter where they are located in the world!

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