Apply for GPU SW Architect - OpenGL/OpenCL/OpenMax

Very exciting, fast growing, 4 year old start-up company currently in stealth mode, developing advanced SoCs and working on the latest technology, in close collaboration with various partners and customers. Company is well funded and has solid financial backing from large corporate, strategic and financial investors. Founded by a seasoned team with many industry notables involved in various capacities, the Company currently employs approximately 150 people worldwide and is growing rapidly.
Job Title:    GPU SW Architect -OpenGL/OpenCL/OpenMax
Job Description

OpenGL/OpenGL ES Software Architect to spearhead the development a high performance OpenGL ES and OpenCL implementation and for a new Hardware Architecture.

Experience with DirectX and other Khronos APIs including OpenMAX, EGL, OpenCL, OpenVG, etc.
Desired Skills & Experience
Working knowledge of the important APIs (OpenGL ES 2.0+, OpenMAX, EGL, OpenCL, OpenVG, EGL, SVG, Direct3D, DirectShow, OpenGL, SVG, Gstreamer, etc.)

Experience with various programmable and fixed-function GPU architectures and pipelines.

Good familiarity with Linux internals, device driver implementation and kernel development.

Experienced with performance optimization and related tools.