Apply for Bios engineer

Job Description

Responsible for the design and development of BIOS using a range of applicable technologies (e.g., programming languages, compilers, assemblers, debuggers, ITP's, Scopes, Logic Analyzers and other tools) and state-of-the-art software engineering methodologies.

Primary job responsibilities include the design, development, debugging, and testing of BIOS software for complex systems. Work closely with a team of software engineers to deliver a high quality BIOS for use in our product line. Participate in product development in all stages from planning and design to development and testing. Good candidates should be proactive in managing work including meeting schedules, identifying risks, and delivering high quality software.

Desired knowledge of PC architecture, BIOS development, Intel processor architecture, chipset programming, industry standards that affect BIOS, and busses common to PCs. Ability to use common software and hardware debugging tools. Qualified candidates must have good software design skills and be able to produce documentation related to software design at both a high and low level. Candidates should enjoy working